• Dr.L.R.Khan with patients
  • Dr.L.R.Khan with patients
  • Raahat Hospital Jalgaon Road Near Harsul Bridge,Harsul.Aurangabad
  • Raahat Hospital Jalgaon Road Near Harsul Bridge,Harsul.Aurangabad
  • award for deaddiction services by government of Maharashtra
  • Award for Deaddiction Services by Government of Maharashtra

A Psychiatry & Alcohol De-Addiction Center

Raahat Hospital ,is into providing treatments to psychiatric patients since 1994. Dr. Layeeq-ur-Rehman Khan started his psychiatry practice in 1994 at Parbhani. After three years of successful practice at Parbhani, shifted to Aurangabad in 1997. Our health care staff consists of 2 psychiatrists and 3 assistant doctors & 1 Qualified Nurse to guide the patients and take care of them in emergencies. We also have many on call Specialists like physician, Ophthalmologist and Anesthetist.


"Our main purpose in establishing our web site is to Educate and inform the public about Mental and Sexual health issues. We will also update the programs and services offered by the Raahat Hospital Founded in 1994,...."
Dr. Layeeq-ur-Rahman Khan ___Raahat Hospital

"Checkout our Redesign Website and drop us a line what you think about it!..."
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